Tuesday, 20 November 2018

M-bots are the coolest robots ever. Our team the Creative CoderZ won the search for the next tech girl superhero competition. Our prize was 500 dollars. We decided to spend our 500 dollars On these robots called M bots. M bots can move around and do a lot of different movements it can avoid obstacles and follow a black line etc. We got a pink m-bot and a blue m bot. they are called Hero and Buddy. The blue one is called Buddy and the pink one is called Hero.

What would we do better next time?
Working together more, and understanding each other more deeply
Make sure that everyone gets a fair turn

What have we learned about the m-bots?
We have learned how to code the robot
We have learned how to get the robot to sense an object if it's in front of it
We have learned how to put wires together
Some of us learned how to screw screws in with a screwdriver
We have learned how to work together to code and make the robots

We have had a lot of up and downs but we have worked them out and the robots are amazing!!!!! I think we made a good and informed decision.

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Sunday, 24 June 2018

Information Report Plan

This term Violet and I decided we wanted to build our writing skills by attempting to publish an information report about frogs/toads. We went to a workshop to learn more about how to structure a good information report plan. After we had learned about that we started organizing our plan so when we start our real writing we will know where all the information on one topic is easily. We tried to make the plan as detailed as possible so our information report would have a lot of detail and a lot of important information as well. We haven't quite finished yet and still need to do a little more research but here is the link anyway.

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Anzac Art

This term for our W.I.T we had to make an art piece that told a story about Gallipoli. I painted this artwork with Ella and Aimee. We put 1914 at the top because that was the year the war started. 

Monday, 30 October 2017

Passion Project

I made an explain everything to explain about my Passion Project.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Graffiti Art

This term for art I have been learning the skills you use in graffiti. First we targeted the basic skills and then tried to create our own piece of graffiti. This was my first try.

After my first try I wanted to go a little bit deeper.By about the end of week 4 the teachers wanted a name plate so I watched a video and had a look at other peoples. I learned quite a bit from just taking a look at different pieces of art! I learned about colours and shapes and lots of other things that help in art. 
Finally after rubbing out again and again and again I finished it. I was pleased with my final product and here it is.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Learning Chalenge

Learning challenge!

“Hi” at the moment Freya, Eva, Jaylin and Sage have been doing a task called our learning challenge when you get to chose a task to work on for about seven weeks.
What have we been learning about???
would put things on that represented something to do with your culture like on Freya's she had candles around her head.
Now let's have a look at Eva's dress firstFreya, Jaylin and Eva have agreed that we would make costumes that represent our culture Freya chose to learn about sweden and Jaylin chose to learn about aotearoa and Eva chose to learn about tongan. So we all worked together to finish our costumes. When we were making our dresses we we are going to start looking at the bottom of the dress.she has put the blue sea with fish and turtles  and caves which you can go hiking and swim with dolphins and whales like these photos right

here are some photos of the fish and turtles right here⬇️
If you want to see more click on this link and watch a video!

but now let's look at the top of the dress as you can see Eva has painted some flowers well The national flower of Tonga is the Red-blossomed Heilala and it is celebrated with a festival of the same name, on the fourth of July. there are also the word tongan in the middle of the dress and the colours are white and red Eva chose those two colours because they are the colours of the flag. The sun represents light and life.

.Now let's talk about sages dress!

This dress has a resemblance of the dresses the women or children wore when they were crossing the plains. The under dress usually had a sort of pattern which in this case is flowers. The apron was just part of the dress I guess because they must have had to do a lot of cooking. I decided to put an American flag with an
eagle because the Utah flag has an eagle with the American flag draped over it.

Let's look at Freya's dress now She has made her background of her dress blue because in Sweden the flag is blue and yellow like this photo⬇️

Image result for sweden flagFreya also wore a scarf that is yellow like the flag to. Freya had Ribbon wrapped around her waist like a belt she also had a headband with candles they both represent the same thing, i'll tell you now so there was a girl named lucia she looked a bit like this.

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Saint Lucia's tradition in Sweden, celebrated every Dec. 13, involves wearing a crown

Press this link then press these words, christmas in sweden!
And it will tell you all about it.
Now let's get this story finished she walked around and lit sweden up by teaching everybody how to make fire, so that’s the story of lucia.
Freya also had some snowflakes on her arm and pearls which represents the snow in sweden because when its winter its snows a lot!!!! And i forgot that i had some blue exactly the same colour as on the flag i shood you and it hanged down. Freya has finished with the explaining.

This was by Freya, Eva, Sage, and Jaylin!!!!!!